Our Perspective

Scientific approaches to understanding individuals and organisations are limiting.  We embrace subjectivity, in order to achieve results.

Many consultants and psychologists present their approach as being scientific and objective. Based on this they will confidently recommend the use of specific tools and techniques that experiments have ‘proven’ to work.  So far so good, until you remember that your workplace doesn’t really resemble a laboratory and your workforce is much more diverse than the participants on which most research is based.  It’s little wonder that so many of the changes we attempt to make fail!

We take a different approach.  We don’t believe that there is a single objective reality, waiting to be discovered through scientific methods.  Instead we focus on the individual’s subjective perception of their world.  We start, therefore, by seeking to understand how our clients make sense of their surroundings.  We also encourage them to consider and explore the alternative perspectives of their clients, colleagues and organisation.  By raising our self-awareness, we increase the likelihood that the changes we want to make will be successful.

We also recognise that dominant perspectives frequently reflect existing patterns of power.  Power is important as it impacts upon our ability to make changes.  As consultants, part of our role is to make patterns of power more visible to clients, so that they can reflect on their impact.  Once we become aware of where power lies, there is an opportunity to question it. 

What does this mean for you and your organisation?  In short, working with us requires you to be willing to reconsider things that you may have accepted unquestioningly.  This can feel uncomfortable at first, but ultimately it means the changes you make to achieve greatness, will stand a much greater chance of success.