Building Resilience

Building Resilience

Workplace resilience has been identified by a number of academics as the most important personal resource available for navigating turbulent environments

Organisations across the world are facing turbulent environmental conditions.  In the UK, many organisations have experienced several high-impact/low-probability events, such as the 2008 financial crisis, ‘Brexit’, and both natural and man-made disasters, including terrorism.  This turbulence has meant individuals working within these organisations have been exposed to increased levels of adversity at work.  How individuals respond to such adversity reflects not just the organisational resources available to them but also personal resources, such as their resilience at work.

Workplace resilience has, therefore, become an increasing focus of attention for organisations and has been linked to employee workplace well-being, an important antecedent of wider organisational performance.  In spite of this many organisations remain unclear how to reliably define, measure and develop workplace resilience.  While this type of work may appear unglamorous, it is essential if budgets are to be well spent.

We work with organisations to make sense of terms such as adversity, resilience and well-being in a way that is contextually relevant to workers.  We also use tools and techniques that have been developed for and shown to work within a workplace context.  This helps ensure that any interventions that are subsequently implemented to build resilience are targeted in the areas where they are needed most, their impact measured, and a return on investment calculated.


How we can help

  • Provide robust methods for measuring adversity, resilience and well-being (and the relationships between them).
  • Identify major sources of adversity and help you understand how to reduce them
  • Create employee resilience profiles and training materials to develop resilience

Anima & Atman is an accredited user of the Resilience at Work (R@W)  Toolkit, which can be used to develop resilience at both the individual and team level.  Further information about the R@W Toolkit can be downloaded by selecting the image below.

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