Career Conversations for Lawyers

Career Conversations for Lawyers

Career Conversations that Retain Talent and Drive Future Performance


Client Challenge

Our client an international law firm with over 1,500 lawyers recruits around 70 Trainee Solicitors annually, with the expectation that they will be retained at qualification, and go on to enjoy long and successful careers at the firm.  More recently, a recovering economy and increased sector competition, has seen the demand for (and demands upon) junior lawyers increase significantly, making their retention and post-qualification performance pressing issues for many firms. 


Our Solution

Research has shown that young professionals want to be recognised as individuals; find meaning and purpose in their work and; enjoy flexibility and opportunities for growth in their careers.  Organisations that deliver this, benefit from both high-levels of employee engagement and enhanced organisational performance.  These, therefore, become important themes in meeting this challenge.

It was essential that our approach resonated with its intended audience.  Most legal training reflects the traditional classroom-based model.  Our career conversation workshops departed from this by offering opportunities for:

Self-directed learning – which better reflects the post-qualification learning environment, where individuals are required to drive their own career.

Bespoke learning – this was achieved through workshops structured around action learning sets of around 10 lawyers, with plenty of opportunities for questioning and peer-led learning.  Individuals were also given one-to-one coaching sessions, on career-related topics of their choice.

Long-term development – the workshops focused on providing access to career-related tools and strategies that remain relevant throughout a career, rather than imparting knowledge that was lacking in contextual relevance or which could easily become dated.



The programme remains ongoing and is now in its fourth cycle.

Workshop participants benefited in the following ways:

  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the factors that research has shown to underpin career success
  • Increased self-awareness of their individual motivations and strengths and how to convey these to others
  • Increased confidence about managing the transition to qualified lawyer and their long-term career

The law firm benefited in the following ways:

  • Data insight into the career goals and motivators of their junior lawyers
  • Increased acceptance rate amongst individuals offered post-qualification roles at the firm
  • An approach to career development that differentiated the firm from its competitors and enhanced its wider employer brand


Our trainees feed back that Anima & Atman’s transition coaching programme helps them to put their best foot forward when they apply for qualified roles with our business.  The upfront input enables them to consider the spectrum of options open to them at the crossroads of qualification and to reflect on the experience they’ve benefited from during their training contract: what motivates and inspires them, what are their drivers, what transferable skills have they under their belts at this stage.  This helps to focus their efforts in relation to the interview process, but importantly, it sets them up for early success as they transition into the more demanding role of a qualified solicitor.  As a result of that feedback, the programme has very quickly become embedded as a core part of our graduate development offering to trainees.

Head of Early Talent


To learn more about how our approach could help you retain your top talent and drive early career performance, contact us and let’s get the conversation started.