Coaching raises self-awareness and identifies choices.  Working to the client’s agenda the coach and client have the sole aim of closing gaps between potential and performance. 

Rogers (2012)

We all have experience of conversations that are helpful to us. Conversations in which we can be open and honest, in which we feel understood, in which things become clearer, or in which we can hear ourselves think. These are the conditions that help us to confront difficult issues and resolve complex problems.  Coaching seeks to create both the time and space for such conversations to take place.

Effective coaching enables individuals to maximise their potential and perform to the very best of their ability. This benefits both the individual and the wider organisation. While business coaching was initially seen as a remedial tool, reserved for people with performance problems, more recently, the positive benefits it can bring to individuals who are already performing above expectations, have been recognised. Academic research has shown coaching to have a more significant impact on performance than other popular development tools across a diverse range of areas including: goal-attainment, soliciting ideas for improvement, building resilience and self-regulating behaviour.

Although coaching is now a familiar development tool for senior leadership teams, it is used less frequently with emerging talent populations, however, this is starting to change. For example, many young professionals can benefit from coaching when being prepared for a promotion, taking on managerial responsibilities for the first time, or prior to being given a challenging assignment. However, because the per capita budget for developing emerging talent is often much lower than that available for executive development, more innovative approaches to coaching are required.

At Anima & Atman, we specialise in coaching high-potential individuals and teams, who may not have been previously exposed to coaching, but who are well-placed to benefit from it. Our coaches have extensive experience recruiting and developing emerging talent populations, as well as more senior executives, and our coaching model is cost-effective enough to be used with large cohorts of individuals.


How we can help

  • Confidentially deliver interventions designed to meet your individual development goals
  • Provide development opportunities that fit around the time-pressures of demanding job roles
  • Raise your self-awareness so you are better able to proactively manage your personal development
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